I am a family person that has always enjoyed helping those around me to sort out their problems, or listened when someone needs to get something of their chest.

This quality probably has something to do with my parents; there was nothing they wouldn’t do for people. I remember my dad, driving all night just to pick up a neighbor that was stranded at an airport some 6 hours away. This neighbor at the time wasn’t even a close friend, more of an acquaintance, but my dad was more than willing to help.

Golf has long been a passion of mine; I relish the challenge that each round brings, the infinite possibilities, the social side of the game.

My friends have always come to me for advice when it comes to their game and that got me thinking, could I help more people get more enjoyment and better results? Well I thought of how I could reach more people; provide them with a place that they could come to and browse through advice and information in their own time and at their own pace.

So after an evening out with friends one of them suggested that a website would be a great idea, I agreed and began to work on getting my website live on the internet.

As I said before, I am a seasoned but average golfer. Golf has to be one of the most frustrating games you can play. One day it seems as though you have the sport under control and the next you are wondering what has happened.

This lead me to search for answers as to why I could not seem to maintain the same level of performance each day, why I struggled with one aspect of my game on Saturday and on Sunday another. As with many of you, this made little sense to me, I couldn’t accept that I wasn’t able to do the same thing one day after another.

This passion and desire to learn, to improve and become more and more knowledgeable about this wonderful game led to this website. I wanted to share this knowledge, bring all that I have discovered about this game into one easy to find place.

All of the advice and information that you that you will be able to find here has been gathered from various sources to provide you with the most in depth and relevant help for any one that is looking to improve their game.

I am not a world class golfer or indeed a world class teacher, I am a just an ordinary person that has a desire to share. The aim of this site is to breed confidence amongst golfers across the world, to create the same burning passion that I feel for the game and instill that into your games. To get you thinking that golf is a sport that we can all play, all improve at and above all continue enjoying your golf for a lifetime of pleasure and memories.

So if you want to become the golfer that you have dreamed of, then this website is hopefully going to give you some valuable information. You will find instructional articles, eBooks, practice plans and guides.

Some you will find more helpful than others, some you will find do not apply to you, but one thing you have to do is understand that as in life, you will learn something new every single day in your journey to better golf.

So come inside and together we can begin your journey.

Until Next Time,

Kelly Scherr
The Golf Swing Doctor