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Ball position

Ball position is generally treated as a final thought amongst golfers.

Golfers tend to stick to what they were taught in the beginning, rather than looking at how ball position can affect the flight, shape and distance of their shots.


A lot of golfers who took lessons when the began, will continue to play the ball from the same position.


Driver off the left heel, and gradually move further back as the clubs get shorter.

This is something that I do not believe is correct, nor beneficial to golfers.


Once you have learnt to play the game, from a central ball position, you need to adjust the ball position dependant on the type of swing that you have developed.


Now there are a couple of methods that can alter the ball position in your game.

One is to maintain the same stance width, moving the ball forward of backward depending on the club you are going to use.


The second is to narrow or widen your stance, whilst keeping the ball in the same position.


Both methods have their benefits, maintaining the same stance width encourages consistency within the set-up.

Moving the ball encourages a different angle of attack.



But which is better? For me, neither. This is because I believe that the golf club should “bottom out” at the same point in the swing with every club, with the exception of the driver.


This means that you want to have the ball positioned at the bottom of you arc. So if your swing is consistent the bottom of your arc will always be in the same place. Regardless of whether you are using a sand wedge or a driver. YES I am saying that for a standard shot, you should have the same ball position with every iron and fairway wood.


This may seem a little strange, but I believe that if the ball is in the same place your swing will be more repetitive, consistent and ultimately result in better golf shots.


This said the driver should always be played a touch further forward than the other clubs. Because to achieve the best results you want must achieve a good launch angle.

So playing your driver from a tee and a ½ ball further forward will allow you to impact the ball on the “up” of the golf swing.


You have to find the best ball position for you personally. This means that you should head down to you local range and become aware of where you impact the ground during your swing. You want to place the ball 2mm behind the impact point to ensure that you ht the ball before you hit the turf.


Beginners should play every club from the center.

More advanced players must experiment to see which ball position yields the best results.


There is no hard and fast rule as to where the ball should be placed; it is something that you and your pro work on in lessons.


Until next time,


The Golf Swing Doctor

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