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Learn a Simple Golf Swing

If you’re confused with conflicting, complicated golf instruction,
I would bet that you’d NOT think that golf can be made to feel easy.

If that’s we’re you’re currently at, today you’re in for a treat.

Because I have a video that will help you to simplify the golf swing
and make golf in general easier and more fun.

But before I give you the link to the video you need to look at golf
instruction a bit differently to what you have been accustomed to,
and what you most likely have been spending your time thinking
about and practicing.

You see, when you start to look at golf instruction differently, you
will begin to notice a great deal of paradigm blindness when it comes
to common sense, and begin to experience golf as a natural movement
that you are, in fact, perfectly primed to execute well.

A simple golf swing is attainable when you stop chasing the technical
“ideal” so much.

Nowadays we have so much technology to help us improve our golf
game, from launch monitors, to video analysis to body sensors. The
list goes on!

But has all of this “technology” actually helped you? Ask yourself
these questions to find out:
• Has your distance improved?
• Have you become more consistent?
• Are your scores lower?
• Are you enjoying the game more?

If not in measurable doses, then you need to try something different.
And a simple golf swing approach may just be your answer.

A man named Shawn Clement has helped hundreds of thousands of
golfers learn a simple golf swing and experience effortless and enjoyable

And now it’s your turn with today’s video.

But this is just the start.

I have some more lessons with Shawn coming up. He also has a great
step-by-step program and I’m trying to work with Shawn to get a
special discount on that just for you. Either way, I look forward to
bringing you a golf lesson series that not only will help you learn a
simple golf swing faster and easier than you thought possible, but it
will free your mind and body for strain-free golf.

Shawn Clement’s methods are sometimes challenged because what he
teaches is not “traditional”, but you decide for yourself and if it “clicks”
you will be on your way to much better, happier golf.

If what you’re doing currently is not helping you then you’ve got to do
something different. And to start with, go and watch this free video.

Then keep an eye out for some more lessons that will give you a faster
track to better golf and help you learn a simple golf swing.

Have a great weekend.

For The Golf Swing Doctor,

Kelly Scherr

P.S. Here’s a link to the video again that explains some of Shawn Clement’s
swing philosophy to help make the golf swing easier.

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