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Must read golf books

There are hundreds and thousands of golf books that flood the shelves of book stores, golf clubs and avid golfers’ homes.

Many of these books have gone unread and just sit gathering dust on the shelves. So which of those books that you have got collecting dust should you dust off and read?

Well this obviously a personal preference of the books that I have read, and the majority are going to be related to the mental game and struggles we face. I have read many many books and the following are my favorite for the style of writing and the messages that they deliver if you read between the lines.

My favorite book has to be Harvey Penicks “Little Red Book”. Throughout the book, Penick regarded as one of the games great teachers talks about his findings and his beliefs when it comes to guiding his pupils. The advice is both on the technical and mental aspects of the game and come in small short stories and snippets.

Perhaps the most famous of all golf books is Ben Hogans “Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals”. As well as being one of the most highly regarded technical books to ever have been written, this book gives an insight to the great man himself. It is not necessarily the easiest read and a good understanding of the technical aspects of the golf swing is require, but it is definitely a must read.

Another great insight into the swing and technique of one of the greatest, if not the greatest golfer of all time is Jack Nicklaus´ “Swing my way”. The book provides some great lessons and practice exercises for all golfers. The language is more simplistic making this an easier read than Hogans´ book, but provides a slightly more modern view of the golf swing.

For a purely mental approach to improving your golf, you must read Dr. Bob Rotellas´ “Golf is not a game of perfect”. Rotella is a sports psychologist and has worked with some of the worlds greatest players. His advice comes in short stories and accounts of the struggles of some of these golfers and the steps they took to overcome their mental issues.

On a more spiritual level, “Zen Golf” by Dr Joseph Parent looks at golf from a different perspective and leads you to thinking about golf from a more “spiritual” view point. If you like the idea of connecting more with your self and your golf game hen this book is a definite read.

If you like to think about what you are reading and aren´t scared of a difficult read then the book for you is Timothy Gallweys “The Inner Game of Golf”. Gallwey brings his experience from coaching tennis and using a tried and tested method improving tennis players’ results. Gallwey was convinced that his methods could yield the same results for golfers and quickly turned this into reality. Throughout the book you follow Gallweys journey into golf and his findings.

There are many other golf books that are worth reading but the ones I have mentioned above are the ones that have shaped my approach to the way I play and also the way that I teach the game.

Until next time,

The Golf Swing Doctor.


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