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Probe Golf – SCAM ALERT

I’m posting this message in hopes it will help fellow golfers avoid a company called Probe Golf out of Ashland Oregon. & 


Almost a year ago, I found an advertisement for this golf business in the back of an issue of Golf Digest, and that was the start of a huge headache for me.  The inventor of the Probe Golf 20/10 putter, Pete Baumann, is advertising a golf distributorship for a small investment with his company.  I did a bit of research and thought it might be something interesting to try here in Canada because there was nothing like it.




After I sent Pete Baumann my initial investment, I couldn’t get a hold of him.  It’s been almost 1 year and I have yet to see any product and he refuses to refund my money.


Upon further investigation of Probe Golf & Pete Baumann, I found a trail of empty promises and empty wallets across the U.S. & Canada.  Story after story about how Pete Baumann swindled them out of their money.


All I can hope is that this thread reaches as many people as possible and saves at least one person from investing their hard earned money with a criminal like Pete Baumann.


Thank you for your time.

If you would like to discuss this topic further, please call me at 780-984-7061

Kelly Scherr


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